Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Putting On My Thinking Cap.

I have Shane's moly in my hot little hands and it is fantastic! It's going to take some thinking to decide how to follow what has already been done.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the "Travel" moly is on the move....

I decided to draw one of my father's antique trucks he has sitting out back. Next to it is an antique fire truck. Both in need of restoration. Some of my most treasured childhood memories revolve around old antique cars/trucks. I just love them, even in this sad state of disrepair.
Kathleen's Moly is on it's way to Robert!!

Kathleen: here is your moly in it's entirety (well almost, the scanner cut off part of a panel on your drawing...but I thought you would get the basic jest of it... ;-)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We will have a guest artist this month!

Hi All!
I spoke with Robert on Friday. He will be out of town for the week, but wanted everyone to know that a friend of his really wanted to add a little something to Shane's moly. So Karen, keep a look out this week for that moly to land in your mailbox. When it arrives, will you scan it and share what Robert's friend drew? I am very curious to see his style of drawing :)) Robert says he is quite talented.

Shane, have you sent any onto Meg yet? I know Meg, and Kathleen are anxious to do a bit o' drawing. ;-)

Happy days to you all,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Moly 23(ers)

I learned a new trick from one of the other groups I am in. I have put our addresses into the email box on settings.... its just that if we use the c box we don't get notification of comments. using the blog for our questions etc would keep everyone in touch.....and keep the blog lively. I have been looking through the older blogs, there are a lot dying through lack of communication, a couple haven't even taken off at all :-( So, let's talk :))))) I would love to see our group moving again.

I have Kathleen's moly ready to send to Robert. I will send Karen's on the beginning of next month. How do you all feel about allowing molys to move on that are overdue? I am thinking that if we have more than 1 moly from this group in our possession and we are a bit backed up at home to go ahead and send the older moly on to keep it moving. We can then fill more than the 2.5 pages at the second rotation. Being in more than group I know how daunting a few molys staring you in the face can be. The goal is to have fun and not to stress you out. So lets say we start moving our molys again. :))

Also, don't forget to post your latest images here so we can have a fun sharing and interacting with each other. I also thought it would be fun to brainstorm here if we get a bit stuck on what to do next. Would love to hear from you all!!