Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lisa's Moly

Here's my contribution to Lisa's Moly.
Three weeks ago I had three Molys kicking around my house. After Monday I'll have zero!


Kathleen said...

SO wonderful, Robert!! A great picture! She is sweet, and such a lovely basket!

Yelnoc said...

Thank you!

Ollif said...

Guys, your Moly exchange is the most natural! (= So many plants, flowers, nuts...GREAT! (=

Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

Wonderful container Robert!!! Is this your sweet little girl??

OLLIF: yes this is a great group!! I am so glad we are all still having a good time with it:)

Yelnoc said...

Lisa: Yes, it's Zion. One thing about this group is it forces me to get out of the box of artistic style I'm in.