Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just checking in on everyone!

I moly/flickr friends!! Just checking in on everyone :)) Do we have any new molys to see yet? Would love to see our books moving again!!!


KB said...

I'm still waiting patiently for one to arrive.

Marty Harris said...

How are you all doing?

Please send Flickr mail to each person and see where the books are. Don't let this great group languish. If there is anyone who prefers not to be in the group, just say so and return any books that you have. If you are in make an entry and pass it on. If you are temporarily busy, pass the books on. Some people still want to participate.

Kathleen said...

Hi Marty! Thanks for checking up on us. I am a bit ashamed at still not getting mine done, although I have made some progress. I think I just chose something a little more difficult than usual, and with being in general SO busy (hence my revised Flickr name), I just haven't finished yet, but I DO intend to soon!!