Monday, May 5, 2008

The countdown Starts!!

Hello Everyone!!
From what I can tell everyone is still in the group and has their moleskine. We have just over a week and a half to mail off our books. (Feel free to mail early if you get it done sooner. This will give the next person on the list more time to draw in yours and mail it off by June 1st)

Just as a reminder here is the mailing order:
Karen HAS MAILED HER MOLY to Kathleen
Kathleen mails to Shane
Shane mails to Megan
Megan mails to Lisa
Lisa mails to Robert
Robert mails to Karen

See the email I sent a few weeks ago for the mailing addresses. If you have lost the email let me know and I'll resend :)

I am looking forward to seeing all your molies showing up here!

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